elitists, stand aside


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the little planet that could


so, i am eisy.
i create art.
i write poetry.
i don't consider myself an artist or a poet, really.
i like pretty things and music.
my two main friends are troy and nancy.
i am a libra.
i have daughter who just turned two.
i am crazy.
they say i am.
i don't think i am, really.
i get money for it.
most people don't understand me.
most people don't like me.
i don't want anyone to like me or understand me.
unless they are troy or nancy.
i have given up on my family understanding and/or liking me.
i can be a bit narcissistic when the moon is in a certain phase.
my favorite food is thai.
i am puerto rican and irish.
my dad is homosexual but married my mother to fit in.
i grew up in the 80's.
i have one sister.
and a cat named vinnie.
life has become boring.
sex, drugs and alcohol, all boring.
food and chocolate, boring.
people, boring.
me, never.

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